Chiang Mai Golf Course Experience a Touch of Golf With Tremendous History

You might have visited many golf courses but Chiang Mai Golf Course of Thailand is truly exceptionally out of this world. Being a golf lover going to this place is a must. Thailand itself is a beautiful place with too many attractions one of them is Golf courses. With its great tropical climate that makes golf a suitable year-round activity, it can be truly said golfer’s paradise, it gives them immense pleasure.

Golf courses in Chiang Mai promises unbeatable experience. These Golf Courses are full of magnificent scenery, where golf playing will be ultimate fun. It’s a great place you can also bring your family to enjoy. Just enjoy the soothing climate, pleasant sights, yummy food; you can also enjoy SPA after a game of golf. Golfing holidays are never a bad idea, in fact it is the best way to spend your vacation- play golf relax and enjoy soothing environment.

If you are going to Thailand for golfing holidays then one thing is sure it will surely double your excitement. The room amenities at Chiang Mai Golf Course are simply awesome. You can also stay in Thai size lavish furnished villas with unmistakably beautiful. The charming outdoor gardens, private white sand make these resorts perfect for holidaying; these resorts are real tropical paradise.

Though weather is pleasant whole year but the best time to visi t the place will be from November to February and March. But keep one thing in mind this is the peak time so you need to book hotels early. Thailand is already becoming the fastest golf playing destination and tourists pour in peak season to this place just to enjoy the game and the weather. You can also book whole package that will also provide you transportation from the airport to the hotel.

If you are looking for golf vacation to Thailand, then doesn’t forget to visit Chiang Mai Golf Course, it will provide every facility to make your stay worth. However before going for a holiday take account of some important things like, go to Thailand mainly for three reasons, surely for golf course, great weather and awesome delicacies, just enjoy these thing to the utmost. Book your flight tickets as well as hotel room in advance otherwise you might loose a chance. But yes, if you are more into budget trip then visit in October month and enjoy great discounts. As tourist season does not start till this time so prices are still very much low. Just leave all your tensions behind and enjoy the whole trip.

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